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Alright two (2) things for everybody. . .

One, I think the community is in need of a new moderator considering the absence of the original mods.  Nothing at all against the originals, but the members page is yet to be updated and nothing has happened with this community for months as we have all noticed.  Im not really sure how the new moderator transition would work, but for now we need a/some volunteer(s).  I would volunteer, but I have no idea whatsoever how to do anything, though I would be happy to pick up some of the slack on accepting/denying new members (but once again, Im not sure what goes on with all of that, so further information would be greatly appreciated). 

Secondly, I am starting the first weekly quiz today, so vote on! 

Out of the following, which is your favorite weapon from the Kill Bill Volume 1?  Please choose one answer only!  Next Tuesday the results will be posted in a new entry, and (hopefully) I will put up another new quiz.  Feel free to make suggestions to make this and future quizzes better!  Also, what do you guys think... should this be a members only thing, or be open to all of the livejournal community?  Sorry to be hitting you guys with so many questions, but your advice and input will be greatly appreciated!

Happy Voting

1) The Bride's Hattori Hanzo Katana

2) Go-Go's Ball and Chain

3) O-Ren Ishii's Katana Sword

4) Vernita Green's improv weapon(s)

5) Johnny Mo's Double-Sided Wood Sword

If anyone feels that I have left out a major weapon (which I don't think I have), please say so.

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