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Name: badlilsheep
Age: 17
Sex: female
Location: Moving to New England soon.

Favorite movies?: (aside from Kill Bill): The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Star Wars (IV-VI), The Fifth Element, Fight Club
Favorite bands/artists?: The Beatles (by far), Queen


What makes you think you would be a good assassin?: My can-do attitude, professionalism, and resistance to emotional sap.
What is your specialty (knives, guns, poison, acrobatics, etc.)?: Well, I’m a blackbelt in karate and I’d like to take up kendo in the near future. Right now, I could get the job done with a handgun (or two, preferably). If I’m allowed to make a mess, I wouldn’t say no to a shotgun.
Do you prefer to work alone, with a partner, or in a group?: Alone. It sounds arrogant, but I usually get the best results that way.
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?: Introvert. I can socialize, but I keep my thoughts to myself.
You've been spotted by a rival assassins group and their top assassin is being sent to do you in. What do you do?: Outsmart them and take them down. Is there any other option? Anything less, and my career would be at stake.
Would you only assassinate a person who deserves it?: Most people with hits put on them do.
What are your moral restrictions (i.e. no women/children), if any?: Maybe children beneath their “teens”.
Your weapon of choice?: Like I said before, I wouldn’t say no to a shotgun.
Codename (has to be snake-related, obviously)?: Hmm. Rattlesnake? I’ve seen a lot of those.


Three to five pictures of you?:

I despise cameras and pictures (really).

A 100x100 picture of you for the directory (if you can't resize, just leave it to us). If you have a picture of you wearing sunglasses or looking "assassin-like", that would be a good picture to leave.:

Can I get back to you on that? I hate acting like a photo-monkey.
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